Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fire Alarm

Okay... Its official.. It's Tuesday again and now, instead of the school bell... I want a FIRE DRILL!!! Trust me, I am tempted to pull it. Just to get a few minutes out of this class. A few weeks ago we did have a disaster drill. Most universities are doing this as a result of the Virginia Tech massacre last. I guess I should be careful what I wish for...

The class that I am in is Healthcare policy and procedures... It is actually interesting, but slow. The professor has very good insight and knowledge on healthcare and makes you think. However, I can never seem to give him my undivided attention! I would be diagnosed with ADD and placed on medication if I was in elementary school! On the bright side of things, I have sat here for nearly six hours and their is only to more to go. Whew!!!
Things that make class go by:
IM my sister and niece
Working on assignments that are pertinent to my education
Blogging (duh!)
I have to say that the cooking challenge is off to a good start... We like the pot roast. Tonight is pulled pork sandwiches... Yum! (I think I might be a bit hungry!) I think that I might actually be able to do this. I still think shock will set in soon, time will tell.
Well, back to class... More later


Warren said...

I would advise against that little sister. Don't think they'd look kindly on that. So how's the cookoff going? I start vacation the 27th,I may just show up knife and fork in hand...

Charlene said...

It might be kinda interesting to see if anyone took it seriously. Most times when the alarms go off people just stand around staring - like is this real or what?

Marilyn R said...

I think I would take Warren's advice and not pull that fire alarm! Your menu sounds great!