Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Charlene!

I have been inspired to take on a huge undertaking...starting a blog. This inspiration has come from my sister, Charlene. Today is her birthday, and her life is only just beginning. She is such a great person. I have been amazed at how diligent she has been with her blog. It really helps me stay connected with her. When I don't talk to her, I check out her blog. I always know a little bit of how she is feeling or what she is doing. Even if it is just washing her face with a dirty rag!

My sister and I have an interesting and amazing relationship. While we are so different, we are very similiar. It is almost scary sometimes. This is especially true since we never really grew up together. Shopping for a birthday card for her is always an undertaking. "Remember when I used to pull your hair out?" cards just don't suit us! It makes me appreciate the special relationship we have!

One thing is for sure, family is special. Regardless of how "normal" or "dysfunctional" and individual feels theirs is, I have come to decide that no ones is is only special.

(No, I'm not talking about riding the yellow short bus special either!)

I am blessed to have such a great sister!


Charlene said...

You aren't so bad for a sister either! I do agree about the card shopping thing! I can't wait to go for pedicure's together! Thanks for taking me out to dinner. I loved the train ride. I still think we should have gotten in if those guys working their needed something ELSE to talk about!

Jessica said...

True... Very true. I think that they were scared. I had fun though. We just have to go again and ride the trains!

Warren said...

Riding the short bus. Never did:they tossed me off that sucker!! I like what you said about the whole card shoppning issue. Hallmark doesn't make cards that fit our family dynamic shall we say?

Jessica said...

No... They sure don't!!!

I think we should design some...Instead of Hallmark greetings we can call them "How it really is greetings!"