Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Thursday... and I'm still tired!

Well, here is another fun shot from our trip to the orchard... Alanna loves playing in the kids farm. She could stay there for hours. Ahhhhhhhh... I love fall. Although, I have to say that it is going too fast. The leaves changed colors overnight. One week the air conditioning was on, and now the heat is on. At least the electric and gas company is happy!

I have not done too well with the cooking challenge. EEK! Tuesday, we ate out. Last night, we managed to stay at home and Matt and Alanna ate out tonight while I was at work. I really need to go to Sam's club. I guess I will add that to my to do list. I would love to go to a meal prep center... The sad thing is that I don't even have time to do that right now. I am in need for some good crockpot recipes... If you have some, let me know!

Alanna is learning her letters right now... I have to laugh, she is a bit confused. I think it is cute... "KA KA KA...D!" she says with great excitement tonight. So cute.

I think the mind of my daughter is fascinating. Always thinking... Always learning... Always growing.

She is such a bundle of energy. I just wish I have an ounce of it on days like today.

More later... I'm tired again. There must be something about Thursday's.........


Warren said...

Well Brain....there's always tomorrow night!! Alanna is cute(even if she looks like her dad--lol,just kidding). Taking Susan and her mom to OLive Garden--it's weird,they both were born on 10/26. Cannot wait to see her reaction when she sees the Blue Man Group Tix....later fellow sleep deprived sibling [;|

Lara said...

Yes, she is growing up fast. I was there last night when she decided to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, movements and all, full out. It was adorable. She must get that great voice from her Auntie Lara. You both are doing a great job with her...she is a very sweet & caring child. She was quite concerned with her Auntie Lara when I attempted to do some gymnastics in the house and later was unable to move becasue of it. She just wanted to come and help me and get me a popsicle. Because everyone knows, they make everything better. If only that were the case. Keep taking those pics Jess. Pretty soon she will be 18 and leaving for college. :(