Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Thursday... And I'm tired!

It's official... This is Alanna's first picture taken without me around... It is her preschool picture. She looks scared to death! I still think it is cute. What a prep!
Today is Thursday.. I have had a super busy week... (and its not going to get any better!)

Sunday: work 12 hours
Monday: clinical 10 hours
Tuesday: class 8 hours
Thursday: clinical 9 hours

Plus... cooking, cleaning, studying, writing papers, playing with my daughter and spending time for my husband... Whew! This multi-tasking queen is wore out! I do not know how some people can do this all the time. Seriously! I just want a nap!

The rain is here now. It is great! I love a good thunderstorm with lots of lightening and thunder. Should be good sleeping weather tonight.
Well, we have eaten at home all week long... Really we started all of this on last Friday. I have stopped craving french fries and hamburgers now. I will admit, we have not stuck to the menu. My husband finds it frustrating to try to prepare a meal and "wait" for me. He is preconditioned to eat at 5:30pm each night. I have not been getting home until 6-6:30. Hmmm... More crock pot meals next week for us I guess! I reminded him of the numerous times I have sped up or slowed down meal preparations in according to his ETA home... It didn't phase him. Frozen pizza last night was the menu and bosco bread sticks tonight. I had the left over pot roast from Monday night. (I have never eaten leftovers this far out... hopefully I won't regret it later!)
I'm proud of both my sister and I for sticking to our guns... we so totally rock!!!
More later


Warren said...

Like grandma said: "A man works from sunrise to sunset,a woman's work is never done". Eyes on the prize their brain--NARF!! ;)
Alanna looks as if she's looking at something off camera--but it's a very cute picture regardless. Enjoy your weekend.....

Charlene said...

Looks Like We Made it!!

Jessica said...

Wow what a post. You tired never. Even if you had nothing going on in your life you are tired. As for me making you wait to eat, come on. Yes I have made you wait in the past. It has never been after 6. I am sorry I was raised to have dinner at 5. I don't enjoy eating at 6:30 or 7. We are trying to get Alanna settled down for the night. Also, our little girl needs to eat by 6 o'clock or you would think we are starving her. I just wanted to let you all know my side of the story. Thanks her loving husband.


Becky said... checking out the blog...keep up the good work :) i guess i have 2 read farther back to see why you're not eating out?

Becky said...

Ok, now I know why the no eating out thing exists. Can I make a suggestion to you & Char? MY GIRLFRIEND'S KITCHEN! Or Dream Dinners, or any of those places where you prepare meals & freeze them. Seriously...Brian & I have been doing it for 2 (?) years now & it is such a lifesaver. Really healthy, good food, cheaper than going out! And fast to make! Hello...even BRIAN can follow the directions.

Marilyn R said...

Consider this a virtual pat on the back Jess for sticking to your menu plan! Good for you!

Lara said...

She is adorable! I love the pig tails and the curls in them. She's gonna be a heartbreaker!