Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Life

Sometimes it feels as if our worlds are constantly spinning... Never stopping. The reality is, there never is a dull moment in my life, and probably not yours either. While the alarm clock reminds me of the start to a new day, I can't help but think about everything else I would rather do than arise from my bed and do what needs to be done. Vacation and relaxation are always much more appealing than school and work.

I wonder if we lived a life that was all rest and relaxation if we would look forward to work.

It's kind of goes along with that thought of winning the lottery...If you won it, would you ever work again?

This picture was taken at Brookfield Zoo. I think that this racoon has the life. It was actually sleeping upside down in the tree stump. I am still contemplating if the blood rushed to its head or not. One thing is for sure, he looks like he has the life!


Marilyn R said...

Jess, you made me think of the saying, "You always want what you can't have". And, "The grass is always greener on the other side."

Lara said...

I think that daily. What if I never had to work...would I get bored and start craving the interactions between co-workers that I get daily? Honestly, I don't know. So much of my stress lately has been caused BECAUSE of work. Would I be a happier, more relaxed person with out work? A better wife, mother? Who knows...but wouldn't it be nice to try it for a year? To do nothing but enjoy life and take each day as it comes with no planned agenda. Yup, that would be the life. Boy, am I jealoous of that cute racoon now, with not a care in the world. Ok...back to the computer and WORK.