Sunday, October 14, 2007

My 1st MeMe

Well, I am going to do this.... And I promise to pass it on when I make more friends in this blogging world!!! (Man... I feel like a loser sometimes!!!) Just kidding... Charlene was tagged already and Marilyn sent it to me... So, here it goes:

It's about Fours....

4 Jobs I've had:

Library Page

Arby's worker

Nurses aide

Resgistered Nurse

4 Films I could watch over and over:

Bad Boys 2

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Mary Poppins

Pirates of the Carribean (Any of them)

4 TV Shows I watch:

Greys Anatomy

CSI: New York

Private Practice

CSI: Las Vegas

4 Places I have lived:

With my sister and her family---in a house

Indiana University---in a dorm

In an apartment with my husband

In my first house with my family

4 Favorite Foods:




Chicken Fried Steak

4 Favorite Colors:





4 Places I'd love to be right now:

In Disney

On the beach...anywhere


On a sabbatical in Europe


Sarah said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to this strange cult called the Blogosphere!

I love NL Christmas Vacation, too!

Marilyn R said...

It sounds like Char and I should get together with you for a pizza and popcorn party! We all listed it as one of our 4 favorite foods. Wow, great minds think alike!