Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Sandcastles are sculpted usually at the beach. They are made from loving hands, sand, water, buckets and anything else you can get your hands on to make it "perfect".

I think that my family is very similar to a sandcastle. With a few exceptions of course.... After all, my family is built with much more than the components of a sand castle!!!

According to, there are nine steps to making a sandcastle. The ironic thing is that these nine steps directly parallel how we build our family.

Step One: Draw a rough sketch (How often to we "dream" and plan what we want our family to do and to be like?)

Step Two: Choose a site (This is our home; the community we live in.)

Step Three: Dig a hole (This can be viewed in many ways...I think of it as my mortgage.)

Step Four: Scoop wet sand into the middle of it (This is the messy part...It is the part that makes you close. These are the trials and tribulations that you have as a family that make you stronger. They make you better parents, spouses and people. These are the things that build your character.)

Step Five: Work fast, so the sand stays wet (I think this is the journey of life...It's always fast!)

Step Six: Build towers (Finding your "Strong tower", faith and the beliefs to keep your life in line and to live with a purpose. After all, we are not in this for nothing!)

Step Seven: Build walls (This is what makes you stronger as a family...the foundation of the castle becomes sturdy.)

Step Eight: Shape the tower (The values and beliefs that you hold shape your family, their actions and everything that they represent.)

Step Nine: Dig a Moat, protect from invaders (ADT security and prayer....need I say anything more?)

While we dream of what we want for ourselves and our families, and spend many years "sculpting" ourselves and our children, we must never forget how intricate and fragile life is. One wave can change the stability of a sandcastle, and our lives. The important thing is to remember to prepare and strengthen the castle walls and each other to survive the wave(s) of life.


Charlene said...

I love the analogies between the steps of building a sandcastle and building our lives. Great pictures too! Wish it was SUNNY and WARM today!

Marilyn R said...

I just love Alanna's scarecrow! Adorable! Great sandcastle anology too!

Lara said...

Great comparison! Cute pics, but I'm glad it's not hot and summer is over. I AM a fall and winter gal at heart. We've been building our sandcastle for nearly 18yrs now, and it still isn't complete. The tide has come and gone many times over. But that is what makes life interesting. You never know when a wave will come and change it all. Expect the unexpected. And live each and every day to the fullest!

Warren said...

Very philosophical stuff there Jessica. I enjoyed reading it though--beats the philosophy I read @ PUC long ago. Loved Alann'a artwork also. Speaking of the princess...what's on her Christmas(Bah,Humbug)list this year? As usual,I don't even know where to start....

Jessica said...

Warren... I will be making a wishlist for her on in th next few weeks.. There will be a link on this page to go to it (Providing I can figure out how to do it!!!)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the complements on Alanna's art work!!! I think it is my favorite one of hers yet!!! Super cute!