Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tiresome Thursday

Whew!!!! The week is drawing to a close. Clinicals were full of drama, life continues, and a family wedding for which Alanna is the flower girl will occupy most of this weekend. Not much more to add..
Shoes? Check!
Tights? Check!
Dress pressed? Check!
Hair appointment confirmed? Check!
Clothes for mom? Check!
Clothes for dad? Check!
Tired? Check!
Need sleep....................................CHECK!!!!!!!!!


Charlene said...

And tiresome Friday, Saturday and Sunday.....

Becky said...

Hey - I posted this comment in another section, but I don't know how often you go back to read new posts, so here it is again: Ok Jessica - I have a plan for your break - A GOOD VISIT WITH THE KOSINA FAMILY!!! It's alwasy too hectic at holiday & family gatherings to catch up. We need a Kosina/Snell dinner out! With or without kids. We're home Dec 20-29, so you have your pick of 9 full days - you tell us when & where!!

Becky said...

p.s. I totally posted here since I know you check it more than your e-mail :) Just give me a buzz or shoot me a note & let me know!

Charlene said...

Okay, it's DECEMBER - you need a SLAGGER BLOGGER post now

Marilyn R said...

Are you there? I am missing your posts! :-)