Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fair Trade?

As I contemplate whether to blog or sleep, obviously blogging has won.

Yesterday, the DH and I had a relevant discussion regarding one of our upcoming vacations, the trip to Disney world.
You see, I am a simple gal that just needs a little space, a nice pool, and Cinderella's castle at Disney to keep me happy. If you remember, he is a bit of a diva and requires a bit more.

Where is this going, you ask? Well, lately he has been on this kick to purchase a Playstation 3 with the blue-ray thingy. Okay, here is my inner brain thinking, "Why on earth do you possibly need ANOTHER gaming system?" "What could possibly be better than that Wii I had to nearly beat people down for at Sam's club last year?" and "Ugh! I have to learn how to operate yet another piece of electronic equipment in my own house!"

While he could rationalize why the PS 3 was a necessity (At least in his world), I was thinking of a way to "down-grade" the room we have in order to save some bucks. Seemed like the perfect opportunity for negotiation.

As a compromise, we will down-grade the room and he was able to purchase the PS 3....
(More than likely, he would have got the PS 3 anyways.... It was my opportunity to strike a deal when I could!)

I think we have all been there... You know, the place where the DH is going to get what he wants anyways so you might as well try to get something out of the deal as well? So what if I am cheap and all I wanted was to save a few bucks!

I will say that I see myself watching movies on the PS 3 and enjoying them.... SHOCKING CONFESSION! (IF THE DH READS THIS HE MAY FALL OFF HIS CHAIR!)


Charlene said...

I'm waiting for pictures of the Vera Bradley confession!!!!

Warren said...

You know...you and Susan have this habit of saying "thingy". STOP!! If you think about everything is a "thingy". This does cause us guys to want to pull out our hair(that why you do it?)and other stufff. Four vacations? SPending your super bowl square winnings are ya? Oh well you guys have earned it.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh, I know what DH and I would pick... the PS3! Sad but true. We have never been a huge vacation type of people. The area we live in is full of nature and that is what we love, that 's vacation enough. :)