Friday, January 11, 2008

Frazzled Friday

Not much changes... Waiting is the toughest part. Labs were okay. I am scheduled to go for an ultrasound Monday or Tuesday next week... I keep telling myself that I am not in control.... Not much I can do until then.

Thanks for all the prayers and support... I will keep you posted.

Now, today turned into the repeat of the eye drop drama queen and not much more occured. When I work 12-hour days as an RN, I find that I am lost for words on my blog.

Hope all is well with everyone. I will stop and visit everyone tomorrow!


Marilyn R said...

Jess, I am thinking of you often, and praying for you too!

Rebecca said...

Oh my! I hope everything goes well with your next ultrasound. Please keep us posted.

I'll be praying.

MKHKK said...

Do you have many symptoms? What is your gut feeling?

How many shifts a week do you work? I was full time with the the first, then .6 with the 2nd, then .3 with the 3rd and "retired" for now with the 4th. I guess I knocked my self up out of a job. LOL.