Friday, January 4, 2008

Month in review... (Since I was a slacker blogger!)

Okay, I must admit a few things.... First, I really love blogging. I enjoy is much more than cleaning, cooking, working and school. I like it so much that I found myself CONSUMED in everything to do with it and totally forgot about everything else! As a result, I was a slacker blogger. Not to mention the holidays, finals etc........ I think I was lucky to get my Christmas tree up this year! (Keep in mind I only had my decorations up for exactly two weeks this year!!! Totally NOT ME!) Second, I think that I need to blog more..... I find it very therapeutic and it calms me down. It keeps my camera in hand and makes me take more photos than I would ever have before. Since I was a slacker, there were few photos the past month. Third, it captures my life and all the moments in them. What a better way to do it than blog!

Let's start way back in the beginning of December. I was busy finishing up the dreaded pediatric clinicals and striving for A's in my three classes. I have to say that I do not like it when my own kid is sick, let alone taking care of sick kids that are not mine! EEK! Finals stressed me out. But they are over now and next semester starts way to soon for me. I found out I was PG on my last day of class, December 11th. I think that I am actually farther along and will confirm all this next week with the doctor. I think I was a bit shocked... Here is how it went.

Okay, every ovulating women has a home pregnancy test somewhere.... Including me. I had been having symptoms of pregnancy since early November, with no positive test. I was using PH tests from the ER of the hospital I work at and found that they were not reliable. After a unusual period followed by none at all, I realized that something was up, right??? Well, the ER test showed almost nothing again.... But that good old First Response came up VERY positive... NO room for doubt at all. I have to admit, I stared at it for about 20 minutes. If I was pregnant, exactly how long have I been pregnant? How could I, the NP student not know the answer to this question? EEK! I decided to make the announcement via my blog, especially since it was a fair way to decide how to spread the news. Many do not know anything yet. It is kind of fun! (Yes BECKY... I am talking to you!) The only problem, how to tell all those non-blogging people.... I have a few ideas and that will be another blog.

Pretty much, after the whole discovery of pregnancy, I consumed myself with the holidays. Decorations, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, movies, sleeping during movies, eating, sleeping, shopping, sleeping, working, sleeping, cleaning and dreaming about sleeping.

Christmas was great... Thank you CHAR!!

Now, here I am. I wanted to use the motto "Loose the Weight in '08" and shed some pounds....Guess this saying has changed a bit... Maybe I should patent it... I thought it was pretty catchy.

It is way past my usual bedtime... it is almost 10pm and lately, I have been turning into a pumpkin by 830.... I will never admit that I just typed that!

More later.... This I promise!

Well, I hope to do better with blogging. It is kind of my New Years resolution. I do not


Marilyn R said...

PH tests from the ER of the hospital not that is scary! Once again, Yeah new baby!

Charlene said...

Yeah! You are back blogging! Yes, it was a wild month for all of us. Blogging does keep the camera in hand, AND it makes me take pictures of things that I wouldn't but are very much a part of my life! Blogging is great in '08!

Becky said...

Jessica - a Huge CONGRATS to you! We are super excited! Let the baby-clothes buying begin...honey, I KNOW you're addicted based on all Alanna's stuff I borrowed for Emily :)

David said...

congrats on the baby i look forward to its birth on august 13th ...

desirae said...

Congratulations.. What a great way to start the new year.. (provided there's no morning sickness, evening sickness,or afternoon sickness, That whole idea of only calling it morning sickness.. What a scam.. lol.) Congratulations again..