Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wierd and Twisted Thursday

Today started off with an unusual morning, and it continued to get only weirder as the day went on. I awoke from my warm, soft bed at 6:30am to the sound of my daughter asking for french toast sticks. After I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I fulfilled her request. After I got my self ready (Which I should mention is the best way to get out the door, usually....) Unless, you are spotting... After manifesting about this change, I collected myself and attempted to get Alanna ready for preschool...

I should probably mention the latest medical ailment to bless our home, supposed pink eye. I really think it is allergies but daycare is convinced that my child is infected.... This means I have to give eye drops to a toddler..... This is IMPOSSIBLE!!! After about 10 minutes of struggle, I got one drop in... The rest is history. Then, my child went on to have a tantrum about what clothes and shoes she was going to wear! I really hope she outgrows this soon and it doesn't get worse! Finally, we were out the door... Only 15 minutes behind and time that I would have to make up on the highway...(Here comes speed racer!). As I was dropping Alanna off at school, I found out that I was not the only one with a disgruntled toddler.

I then went to my sister, Charlene's house and hung out. Today was my first OB appointment and I was very nervous. There is nothing like having an upset stomach prior to this type of appointment! I think I completely amused my sister as I confessed one of my worse fears: having toilet paper stuck "down there" during the exam... Needless to say, I am a bit weird.
The exam went well, and my cervix is nice. (While I have performed this exam myself during my clinicals for my FNP I would still like the actual definition of a "nice cervix"). Afterwords, I went on for my ultrasound.

It was here that my weird day got more unusual. The ultrasound technician had a very difficult time finding the heartbeat. The gestational sac is larger than the baby, etc.... Now, I am a bit pushy and want information so I deserved this response. Funny enough, my sister Charlene came into the room and let me be the first to say, she is definitely one of the most Christ-filled women I know. No joke, the heartbeat appeared at 80 beats a minute once she was in the room! (This left the tech really boggled).

While the outlook is uncertain, and labs are next on the list of things to check, I feel blessed no matter what. While I can be a negative person usually, I truly feel at peace with everything right now, no matter what the outcome. I find it hard to hand over the reigns but I am not in control and only time will tell what will happen. I have a supportive husband that is by my side and while we are hoping for the best, we are ready to hear the worst.

Thank you Charlene for being part of this day! I am so glad you are my sister!! (N0 matter what, you + me = Shopping trip in Orland soon!)
Hope all is well with everyone...... More later!


Marilyn R said...

Jess, I will be praying for you!

MKHKK said...

Jess, sorry for the uncertainty. Sometimes waiting is worse than having a final answer even if its bad. I will be praying for you and bean. HUGS from one mommablogger to another.

onthegomom said...

{{{Hugs}}} I will keep you in my prayers, hoping for the best!

Charlene said...

You know I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else but with you! You are a great sister too!!

Jesse said...

I'll be praying for you and your precious little baby that all will be well. Oh and I've had to fight with eye drops before and yes it's a pain with a toddler. I also want to say thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better. :)