Saturday, February 9, 2008

How much is that little doggie in the window???

No... I am not trying to sell this precious little, soon to be HUGE dog... Sorry if I disappointed you! Today we went too our first class in the PUPPY PRESCHOOL. Yes, that is really what they call it. Not joking here.
Now, lets just say we have been trying to work really hard at starting off on the right foot and found out that we were doing almost everything WRONG. Oops... Now we are starting kinda from scratch and doing a bit better. The trainer was awesome. Who are belles classmates? An english mastiff, a yorkie, and weim-shepard mix and two other dogs that I can't remember... The quietest and calmest? That would be our dog. Belle is actually a bit shy. Hmmmmmm.... Interesting. She is probably the exception to our family, so far. The English mastiff was cute and HUGE already. I couldn't imagine having a dog that weighed as much as me or more! The yorkie was WAY to small... I kept imagining the English Mastiff or Belle trying to eat her as we had to have the dogs learn how to say hello.
SO, for now we are toting a new look this season. It is not quite Vera Bradley but it is cute. It is a dog on a leash with us AT ALL TIMES... well, when she is out of the kennel. I wonder how long this part will last? We also have to establish Alanna as a dominent leader in our "pack" so that Belle doesn't jump on her and basically take her down. That is the fun part. Have you ever had a toddler try to feed a 32 pound dog that is bigger than her???? That is how we are to start to develop dominence... I guess the dominent ones feed the pack. Interesting. I guess that makes mothers pretty dominent, huh?
Well, I will have some pics of our family twister night and my husbands "mug" shot coming soon. I HAVE to do homework before I can blog anymore! Imagine that....Me have my priorities backwards! Good night! D@&^ spellchecker AGAIN! Sorry for my typos!


Jesse said...

I couldn't see the picture of Belle; also what kind of dog is she. Anyway I'm really sorry it took me forever to do the meme but I finally did it so come on over and check it out. Hope you're having a great weekend.

OHmommy said...

I love puppies! LOL.. I do!

Carol Beth Scott said...

We have our second Mastiff and they are the best dogs ever - except for Belle of course! Being outweighed by your dog is actually a pretty good thing, actually. Happy studying!

Mary said...

Cute dog!

Our toddler is a leader in our "pack". To have the baby feed the dog, we let the baby eat and let the dog lick up the floor afterward.

Now our toddler (23mths) can hand or throw the dog a milkbone.

Another thing we do is make sure that the baby goes in the house or out to the yard before the dog. The dog has to use the door behind the baby - always!

And when walking, the stroller has to be in the lead, not the dog.

Hope you do well making your baby the pack leader and learning all the great things in puppy preschool!

Oh. We have a golden retriever, I don't know if that matters though. Any dog should think of the baby as higher in the pack. We love watching Dog Whisperer too. That helps a lot!

Janice said...

I totally think I might need to track you down and steal Belle. She is so darn cute, I love dogs.

Rose said...

Such a beautiful puppy. I had a neighbor years ago who had one just like Belle. I'm looking forward to hearing about each and every class you attend. Maybe I'll learn something helpful that I can use in training Bella, our little Jack Russell pup.

MKHKK said...

We went to a very similar class. It was great. She is one seriously cute dog. Just don't let her sleep under the covers of your bed. Oh, you will be tempted. They get all cold and just once you think you will snuggle them in bed and BAM before you know it, they know how to get under the the covers by themselves! Smart dogs.

David said...

thanks for blogging instead of doing your homework .. because of you .. i spent the whole weekend without my weekend buddy.. well i spent time with him... but not with my normal weekend buddy was watching the dog so you could do hw

Warren said...

SHe looks cute Jessica,better than that butt ulgy pug you once had. Charlene told me they had a special deal where you could enroll
your spouse into obiedence class as well. NOt that you need obiedence training or anything like that--lol! ;)

Liza said...

Hi! I have something for you here

Hope you like it. Take care.

Jen said...

Belle is beautiful!