Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've got a BIG heart!

Not only am I the spreader of love, I also have a big heart... Thanks Michele! If you haven't seen her blog... YOU MUST GO THERE NOW!!! She takes the most awesome photos and is even becoming quite a talented artist! I will be passing it on tomorrow or Saturday. I have to return to life as usual tomorrow..YUCK! This means BACK TO WORK! Double Yuck!


Charlene said...

Way to GO SIS! Your heart shows through in all you do -- family, friends and patients!

Rose said...

Wonderful! You do have a big heart and you deserved this reward so much.

Best wishes on your return to work. You don't sound very happy about it but you'll, hopefully, never know how nice it is to have that ability until you loose it. So go...hold your head high and enjoy all it has to offer you.


onthegomom said...


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh Jessica... you makin' me turn a bazillion shades of red... thanks for the compliments.
I would've come around earlier but suffered a silly ole CP last night... sigh.. but feelin' better now.. woohoo! Watch out.. LOL... Hope work was ok... have a good night!