Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Bomb Just Dropped!


First... I MISS BLOGGING!!! I think it is my form of self medication. I can't wait to do this again! Life has been happening and I can't wait to go on my vacation. I NEED IT!

Why??? Well... Let's just say the bombed dropped.

School, work, family and life all collided... The world just stopped... I FAILED MY FIRST TEST EVER... Lets pray for a curve... PUHLEASE!!!!

Failing in the graduate program is anything under an 80%... I have not been close ever (Even though I always say that I am going to fail or that I did...but didn't) Well... This time I did. 75% (I am biting my lip hard because the person behind me only missed three... THANKS FOR BLOWING THE CURVE HOPE!! UGH!)

More later! Miss you all!

PS... Did I mention that there are only three days left until vacation????